Psyched Services Launches in Northern CA

Burlingame, Ca. (Sept.25, 2017) – Psyched Services, a psychoeducational assessment and telecoaching practice, has opened in Northern California providing schools and parents with comprehensive and user-friendly evaluations and consultation services to help children struggling in school or home settings.

Founded by experienced educational psychologists and behavior analysts Kristyn Corley, LEP, BCBA and Marlene Schwaighofer, LEP, BCBA, Psyched Services offers a team approach for both school districts and parents. For schools, the firm provides psychoeducational evaluations and are equally committed to collaborating with school teams and parents to link their assessments to results. Psyched Services also offers functional behavior assessments for students with learning and behavioral challenges and designs actionable plans for the student. For parents, the team offers private testing near or in home for children as well as Pocket Coaching, a solution-oriented telecoaching service to assist parents in supporting their children’s learning and behavioral needs.

“After years of working with schools, students and community-based organizations, we saw a huge gap between evaluating a student and providing research-based, actionable plans that could be implemented by both educators and parents,” said Corley. “By focusing only on the educational sector, we know we can best address the needs of children in both educational and home settings.”

The Psyched Services team uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), traditionally used primarily with autism spectrum disorders, with all children. Post evaluation, the team works collaboratively with parents and educators to develop achievable action plans for students. Via telecoaching, Psyched Services provides ongoing support for both schools and families without regard to geography.

“Our plans are designed to empower learners to have meaningful outcomes that increase their quality of life in their schools and communities,” said Schwaighofer. “While the educational systems of today necessitate the designation of labels, we believe every learner is unique, and so we focus on the strengths, needs, and the environment of the individual to ensure success.”

Both Corley and Schwaighofer have extensive experience in school settings. Corley holds a master of arts in school psychology from Texas State University, and a bachelors from University of Texas – Austin. She received her behavior analyst certification from Florida Institute of Technology. Prior to starting the firm, she co-founded Navigator Schools which opened its first charter school in 2011. She has served schools and families since 2007.

Schwaighofer, a native of Austria, is a board-certified behavior analyst and educational psychologist who has worked with school districts in Texas and California. She received her master’s level training in Austria and studied school psychology at Texas State University, where she completed her practicum training in the university’s Clinic for Autism Research, Evaluation and Support. She is currently president of the Monterey County Association of School Psychologists.

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